How do I create an assignment?

To create an assignment, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Blackboard then click the course name under “My Courses“, where you want to add the assignment to.
  2. Ensure “Edit Mode” is turned “ON” by clicking on it once. Assignments can be added to any content area (such as the default “Content” object on the course menu). If you would like, you could add a content folder to the course menu for assignments. Simply click on the plus sign on the top of the course menu and add “content area” — you will be able to name it.
  3. Under “Assessment,” choose “Assignment.”
  4. You will be asked to provide a name, instructions, and a point value. Please note you can set a due date and add attachments to your assignment.
  5. Ensure the box “Make the Assignment Available” is checked for immediate access.
  6. Click “Submit” when done.
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