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LMS Platform


What LMS platform is being used? Blackboard Learn
Version Release 3900.13.0-rel.36+ee2113e

Note: We are using Ultra base navigation, but the vast majority of courses are using original experience.

Faculty Questions

Is every course that the school offers provided a course shell in the LMS automatically? YES
If YES, when are course shells created prior to the start of classes? All courses have shells. These are created automatically when the courses are created in Jenzabar.

Note: However, on occasion errors occur and a shell is not properly created, or an instructor/student is not enrolled properly. In such cases, please contact

  • Rich Hancuff
    • Email – (
    • Phone – 570-674-8177
    • Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology (hours 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday)

Student Questions

What is the delay between when a student registers for a course and when it is added to their LMS account? Within one hour of their being enrolled on the Jenzabar side, they will be enrolled in Blackboard. However, some faculty make their courses unavailable until the semester begins. If the course is marked unavailable/private, then students will not be able to access it even if they are enrolled.
Does this delay also apply to other registration actions (drops / changes / reinstatement after a drop) NO
Are courses made available to students automatically? NO
If NO, when is this done? The instructor makes the course available to students.
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